About us

The Triple Frontier Research and International Relations Group (GTF) is a research group registered in the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and certified by the Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA).

UNILA is a federal public university located in the Brazilian part of the Triple Border. Founded in 2010, its mission is to contribute to Latin American integration, with an emphasis on Mercosur, through humanistic, scientific and technological knowledge and solidarity cooperation between higher education institutions, governmental and international organizations (Read more: www.unila.edu.br).

The GTF comprises the Triple Border between Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay as an international border region. In the post-Cold War period, in the context of globalization, the weakening of the State and the proliferation of transnational crimes, the region became part of the international security policy and agenda. In this sense, the objective of the group is to contribute to the promotion of a specialized debate on the international dimensions of the Triple Frontier. To this end, it supports completion of studies, studies, analyzes and promotes courses and events in order to qualify the international discussions at the border and on the Triple Border.

The group is composed of researchers from UNILA, the University of São Paulo (USP), the National University of Rosario (UNR/Argentina), private institutions and undergraduate and graduate students.


Dr. Micael Alvino da Silva (coordinator)/UNILA [Currículo]
Dr. Mamadou Alpha Diallo (coordinator)/UNILA [Currículo]
Dr. Blasius Silvano Debald/UNIAMÉRICA [Currículo]
Dr. Fábio Aristimunho Vargas/UNIOESTE [Currículo]
Drª Heloisa Marques Gimenez/UNILA [Currículo]
Drª Isabelle Christine Somma de Castro/USP [Currículo]
Dr. Marcelino Teixeira Lisboa/UNILA [Currículo]
Drª Olga Mônica Saavedra/UNR
Me. Ana María Chiani/UNR
Me. Venina Prates/FIEP [Currículo]
Esp. Alexandre Barros da Costa/UNILA [Currículo]
Esp. Ezequiel Barolín/UNR [Currículo]

More information about researchers, students, institutions and research lines, see the group’s page in the CNPq Directory of Research Groups in Brazil: http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/2853855122346875